The thing about conciousness is that it is built on the fundamental notion that all living matter is connected metaphysically to one natural and intagible source, the universe. Over the years my meditation has given me the vivid colors that become my paintings. These paintings are a reflection of that Vibration of my altered state of consciousness. Stay tuned as I catalogue the over 60 pieces of this years paintings  and share. -Dennis 

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  • Live in Joy, Live in Love

    Oil On Canvas 34"x 36" Aluminum Stretcher

  • Wavves

    Oil on 15oz Canvas 50'x 56"

  • Purification of View

    33"x 70" Oil on Fine Linen 2014

  • For the Love of my Eternity

    Oil on Canvas 34"x 58"

  • 125

    24"x 30" Oil on Canvas 2014

  • California

    30"x 40" Oil on Canvas 2015

  • hinges on the nature of the wave function and decoherence

    Oil on 15oz Canvas 46""x 58"

  • Still, Meadow

    30"x 36" Oil on 15oz Canvas