Inspired moments using different mediums. The wild roses of the garden so to say. They are here representing darker days to the mild days of a painter. Refrain from judgement and stay free.

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  • "Too Fucked up too Love, Too Soft too hate"

    Oil on Steel 14" x 18" 2015

  • Persective 2 in U

    Volcanic Ash, Oil and dry pigment on Linen. 12"x 18"

  • the Silent Journey

    Volcanic Ash, Dry pigments on fine Linen 48"x 48" Aluminum Stretcher

  • Throw all your art books on a bonfire

    Dry pigment on wood. 18"x 12"

  • True Harmony

    Oil on Canvas 48"x 60"

  • im that kind of animal and this is my heart

    Oil on Canvas Wood Stretcher 40"x 48"

  • Journey

    Oil on 15oz Canvas 48'x 48"