Sep 6, 2018

Be Willing To Dare Book

Be Willing To Dare Book

I am pleased to announce that I have recently completed my first book of poetry. 

This is an important milestone in the continuing growth and success of my dreams. 10 years ago I said I was going to publish a book. Well, here it is:

A book of inspirational poems on life's purpose, pursuits and the conquer of resistance. My Shenshi of life.

Release date is October 2nd. 2018. 

Here is what one of my collectors has to say about Be Willing To Dare.

 "I have been reading your poems. Sometimes many at a time, sometimes one. I find them deep and moving, capturing something specific in me and very likely also in you, but differently. The way that poetry fractures language so that meaning is freed from the word and its definition.

Thank you for sharing these with me. I think, like your paintings, they are multilayered and pull you into the emotion individually. You are using words like paint!"

More to come. In the meantime September 18th. I will be having an Art opening at Salt Float Center 

148 valley rd. Montclair, NJ   (across the street from Tieranys)  6pm-8pm Come say hello and have a glass of wine. All are welcome.