True Sounds

"True Sounds" is a collection of hauntingly beautiful pieces of work that brings together trust, soul and silence. It is the kind of work that puts a lasso around the heart and speaks with true sounds. 

In life, there are times where you can feel yourself walking through a door, leaving one dimension for another. The idea of leaving the familiar for the unknown can be scary and bring with it anxiety, or it can bring a sense of freedom, filled with anticipation. In every aspect of our lives, we all reach plateaus, spiritually, as well as physically. If you allow your soul to absorb the silence, the only thing you can feel is fulfillment, love, gratitude and an underlying swell of growth. That is what these paintings represent: my soul walking through a door, carrying one big bag of trust, love, gratitude and great anticipation.

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  • Reflection = Weak Aversion

    48" x 48" Oil on Fine Linen, Aluminum Stretcher 2015

  • Turn Your Heart Up

    48"x 48" Oil on Fine Linen Aluminum Stretcher Bars 2015