At what age do we stop to feel our own heart beat?  nAt what age do we slow down and find a quiet place to just sit and feel our entire body?  As we look at it as an organism?  Listen to it’s vibrations and be fully aware this organism has a expiration date.

This quiet vibration is Art. To come to this destination and feel peace. To capture my own essence freely with out a care of what any one person will think of it. Yes, it is a tangible item. Yes, it is time. But isn’t that what living this life is about? To use infinite, irreversible time in connection our infinite Beautiful soul to leave just one tangible imprint behind for a fellow organism. Awaken. Trust yourself. In this flicker touch your darkness, touch your lightness, Grow your mind. Give us something beautiful and magnetic.

We can sit and meditate, feel inside ourselves. For some of us we already feel inside ourselves. We feel, with that sensation we develop an extension. That extension is to create. To inspire what is inside of us to flow outwards to connect with the same energies. This is painting, this is living. My purpose is that connection. Much love.

*Notes.  Due to these works being on exibition out of state this year they have not been photographed yet. Shot with an iphone under fluorescent lighting. Qualty stills to come. In the meantime enjoy.

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  • Llama & Dagger (2017)

    NYC kind of makes you hard. Its the only way to get by without being over stimulated. As hard as we seem we are all gentle somewhere inside. This painting came from that thought. Gentle creatures with something hard on the outside to protect ourselves. The Llama and the Dagger.

  • Man with a Big Stick (2017)

    This painting comes from the heart. Its one of my favorite. Come for me with a big stick. I will rise above and create beauty. It's NYC, big sticks come in many facets, dimension's and some are illusions. Its all in the mindset.

  • The Handshake. (2017)

    I like clean hands. I like electric hearts. Bring that cleanliness and electric frequency. Be true. I found myself around some shady people this year. Not my doing. Just where my day job had me.At the same time, I was surrounded by some great people with big dreams.

  • Love me till the End (2017)

    If you know me I walk around and say out loud I am the best. It's not narcissistic. Its a proven fact that walking around saying I'm the bum of the bunch has adverse effects to then human condition. Love me till the End because I'm the best.

  • Time (2017)

    Time, it's all we have. We never know how far the path leads, or where. Make those angelic moments last. This was painted in a moment of feeling something new about myself.

  • Staying the Night

    In the past few years I've always painted with the concept of a destination. To put myself somewhere and create. With the current political climate and some lack of being challenged in my daily life I decided to paint from a standpoint. That is what you see in Staying the Night. Stand points. The title, Staying the Night is a take from a sexual standpoint. Painting is my passion and it is also my love. It has taught me more about myself and life than two hundred hours of mediation has ever. I Stay the Night because it stays with me.